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Creating a basic password others can't pass

passwordRegardless of you being new to the Internet or a seasoned specialist, passwords are annoying and imposing. Passwords are practically needed everywhere and are virtually unavoidable. From retrieving and sending emails to functioning on social networks, to media sharing and file downloading, passwords are always there. While you may find passwords annoying, and even take them for granted, it is important to remember that they are the first and sometimes only defense against intrusion of your information.

With so many passwords needed online it is easy to just pick a simple and easy to remember password and then forget about it and just use it whenever a password is needed. Changing it regularly is a pain and you may never actually ever do so. Everyone knows that this is not ideal, but the alternative – the regular and annoying password creation and memorization process – is just a pain. However,  passwords don’t have to be complex cryptograms or require a PHD, just a few simple guidelines can help make living with passwords a little more tolerable.

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